This Website offers a wide range of products and services to suit the demand of the buyers in the market. The products in this website could be the best known in the market or they could be new and recent ones from the companies which have made a niche in the market by offering innovations and improvements in the existing products . Firoleen offers a platform for both existing as well as the newcomers in the market in day to day life.

On the services side Firoleen exhibits to the people a wide spectrum of services offered by the entrepreneurs in the field of :

Travels and Tourism

Hotels and Resorts

Hospitality Management Services

Bureaus for Nurses, Servants, Cooks , Drivers, Teachers for Schools and College Teachings

Tax Consultants, Co-operative Societies consultants

Hair Dressers and Beauty Parlours

Dairy Milk Vendors for door to door supply of fresh milk of branded names

Taxi hiring and Car with cheuffers for driving to long distance travelling

Anything that is within reach for the common man.

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